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Greetings from South Africa -Alison


Hello everyone!

Greetings from South Africa! It’s hard to believe that I’m actually here, but time has been flying by.

So far I have really been enjoying my schedule. Jeff and Abby have arranged for me to spend a couple days over at the Grace Help Center. These children are the happiest little kids, despite their past experiences and current situation. They are truly inspiring. It didn’t take long for me to quickly fall in love with each and every one of them.

Another part of my schedule is working with a local elementary school. We had originally planned on me trying to coordinate and run an after school soccer camp for the kids, but as that didn’t work with the children’s schedule the principal of the school was kind enough to allow me to work with her physical education classes. The school houses grades 1-7, so I will be there 4 times a week working with the children. Unfortunately, it has been raining here every day so I have yet to start working with the kids. The school doesn’t have the indoor facilities like we see in the states, so everything is done outside. I’m excited to get in there and start working with the kids.

Other parts of my schedule are dedicated to working on children’s ministry with Abby for Hope Church and a bible study with local women. Unfortunately, the strikes have been preventing me from making it out to Freedom Park to do home visits and attend church. I am also looking forward to getting out to Freedom Park to be able to see and experience the place that I’ve heard so much about. Hopefully the strikes will end soon, and I will have the opportunity to do so.

Jeff and Abby have also been introducing me to all of the different opportunities and activities available in South Africa. Last week we went to Pilanesberg, which is a game reserve. We were able to see lions, giraffes, zebras and elephants! It was an awesome way to kick off my experience in Africa. Another day we went to a flea market, it was really fun. We’ve also been to a lion park where we got to drive through and see lions, I also got to pet little lion cubs! They were so cute! I’m having so much fun learning about and experiencing the culture. It’s been an adjustment to life here, but Jeff and Abby have been wonderful about making me feel comfortable and also making sure that I get to experience all South Africa has to offer.

As I look back on my first two weeks here, I can’t help but be extremely excited to see what God has in store for the rest of my time here. I am so incredibly blessed and grateful to have this opportunity! I’m also writing a blog so if you’re interested in my latest happenings head to

God Bless,


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