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What a Clown! -Abby

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On Saturday, February 8, I had the privilege of spending the day at Jackson’s Ridge Children’s Ministry training Centre teaching a group of about 12 delegates the basic principles of being a clown. It was such a fun day! Of course, Jeff and Beth were there, too, and Beth even “helped” with a couple of skits in her own adorable clown costume! She is getting big, 18 months old now, and it is fun to be able to include her in the family ministry from time to time. The delegates who attended the seminar were all children’s ministry volunteers who were looking for a unique approach to sharing the Gospel with kids in their churches and communities. They were a fun group, and willing to try anything! We were all laughing and tired by the end of the day. Good times!

The weekend before the clowning seminar, we were also at JR for a training day. That Saturday, it was the first conference of the year: Children’s Ministry Foundations. This year, the JR staff offered 3 separate training tracks: CM Foundations 101 for beginner teachers and volunteers, CM Foundations 102 for returning teachers and volunteer, and CM Leadership for coordinators and leaders of teachers and volunteers. There was a great response with more than 150 delegates in attendance. I had the opportunities to teach in both the 101 and 102 tracks on a variety of topics. The delegates were very responsive and we all had a great day. It was my goal, and is my prayer, that each delegate in attendance learned some things that they will be able to put into immediate practice as well as some things to file away and use as they grow.

Those of you who have known me for a while know that I love Jackson’s Ridge Children’s Ministry Training Centre. It is there that I spent 2 years serving with Ed and Sonja Corbin, it is there that God called me to full-time missions among the children of South Africa, and it is there that I met Jeff. I find that I feel an almost “alma-mater” type nostalgia and loyalty to JR. Even though I was on staff there, I believe that I learned every bit as much as I taught during the 2 years that I lived and worked there. It is such a privilege for me to be able to stay connected with the place and people that I love at JR. Although I miss Ed and Sonja Corbin, I have great respect for the new directors, Neville and Gail Fannin, and am blessed to also call them friends.

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