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Feb 2011



Today we are driving back home to Rustenburg after teaching a 4-day kids crusade with the Goodrich family up in Venda. I realize parts of that first sentence may need explanation, so let me try to give “brief details” -though that sounds a bit like an oxymoron! The “Hunt family” currently consists of Jeff and Abby (obviously), Jordan Thomas (a young man from the USA spending 3 months with us here as an intern), and Junior Molope (a young man from South Africa who met Jeff as an MA and is now living with us and being mentored by Jeff). Read More...

And the angels Rejoice


On Tuesday mornings, we visit an AIDS clinic in an informal settlement called Freedom Park. Tapologo is actually a network of clinics, in-home care, hospice, and care for vulnerable children in a variety of communities. We have built a relationship with the nurses and caregivers in the program at Freedom Park. These women care for, track, and visit their patients regularly. Read More...