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Looking Back: Our Stateside Tour - Abby


As I sit in my living room listening to the sounds of Jeff, Justice, and Jacob working on a project outside (crafting screens for our bedroom windows and wooden frames to hang screens across our metal bedroom doors), and enjoying the peace of knowing my toddler is making the most of a much-needed nap, I find myself thinking back on our 12 weeks in the States. In many ways, the time seemed to fly by with never enough time with family and friends. In other ways, the dust in my house, the change in weather, and catching up with friends here reminds me that 3 months is a long time to be away!

We are so blessed to be able to lay out our schedule in such a way that it includes a trip back to the States each year to touch base with current ministry partners, connect with new or potential ministry partners, and of course, visit with family and friends. There is never enough time to see everyone that we care about, but we are always so blessed by the time that we get to spend with those we get to see! This year, since we were traveling with a toddler, we did very few “long” drives and, instead, broke up our travels with a few more stops along the way. Jeff did a great job of planning most of those stop-overs in such a way that we got to visit with family or friends that live in the “in-between” places on our route. Those visits, though short, were precious!

Financially speaking, it was also a great trip. God prompted people to give about $11,000 toward our goal of $15,000 for a church building for Hope Church in Freedom Park with additional pledges that will be used for kitchen appliances and dishes so that we can use the building as a community center/after school feeding program during the week as well. Please keep praying for favor as we pursue the land we need in order to have a place to put the church building!

God has always been, and continues to be, so faithful to us. This year, He showed us again how sweet it can be to be “dependent” on others (ultimately on Him, of course, but nonetheless on the people that He chooses to use) when those others have the same heart for God and His people that we do. Although we love to get back “home” to South Africa, we also treasure our time with our Stateside team-members who have made us a part of their obedience to the Great Commission, partnering with us and leaving their fingerprints on every part of our lives here and everyone we meet. We are so grateful, so humbled, and so blessed!