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Hold On Tight -Abby


As I was walking with my daughter this morning, I was reminded of something that I read recently.  I can't remember the exact wording of the quote.  To be honest, I can't remember where I read it or who wrote it either.  However, the basic idea has stuck with me, and this morning, as my little girl stomped through every puddle and explored every familiar nook and cranny that now look, feel, and smell so different after days of steady rain, that picture came back to me.

As we walked, or trotted, along this morning,  I often let Beth explore a short distance ahead of me as I watched her stomping and dancing and singing, but sometimes we would venture over bricks or slate that looked a bit slippery.  In these, potentially dangerous or new situations, I reach out to hold her hand.  She gladly gripped my finger and chattered along beside me, showing me everything that she was seeing, and I would instruct her to "hold on tight" as we walked.  However, I would never rely on the grip of an 18-month-old to keep her own feet from slipping and stumbling.  I wrapped my own hand around her sweet fingers and also held on tight!  And, of course, occasionally she would lose her footing and I would steady her before she fell and get her back on solid ground.  She would either giggle in relief or scowl at me depending on whether she thought it was my fault or a near escape, but I never let go until I could see that it was safer terrain.

Our Heavenly Father tells us to "hold on tight" to Him, His word, His promises.  However, He would never rely on our feeble grip, no matter how dutiful, to keep our own spiritual feet from slipping and stumbling.  He also holds tightly to each of His children.  The next time you are "holding on for dear life" in some situation here on Earth, remember that your Heavenly Father is also holding on to you... and His grip is strong, secure, and faithful!  

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