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Current Projects

We depend greatly on consistent monthly investments from ministry partners all over the world. These monthly commitments are the foundation for all that we do and provide a structure by which we can plan ahead and budget for various projects. The monthly investments are used for all of our different ministry opportunities and projects. When you partner with us on a monthly basis, we become the hands and feet as God works through all of us together to accomplish His work in the children of South Africa.

However, we know that there are some who want to be involved but cannot commit to a monthly partnership. Also, from time to time, there are specific un-budgeted needs that arise requiring extra funds. Here you will find a brief description of our current projects that require extra funds or specific needs that may arise.

Hope Church - Caring for Little Ones

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Each month, Engage Africa provides formula, baby cereal, and diapers for 22 babies in need. These supplies do not cost the mothers any money, only commitment. Each mother is screened to determine her situation and need. We then enter an agreement: if she attends church every week, or communicates to us about why she may need to miss (sick baby, travelling back to Lesotho, family emergency, etc.), then, on the second Sunday of each month, she will receive the designated number of supplies based on the baby’s age. This costs around $30 per baby, per month. Our young mamas are so grateful… and very evangelistic! Due to budget limits, we now have a waiting list
of 27 babies who desperately need supplies… and more coming each month!

I recently got a note from one of our partners saying that he was spending money on feeding birds and pets, and God is challenging him to also spend money on feeding children. If you are feeling a similar tug and would like to be a part of expanding our baby care program (and shrinking our waiting list), please consider giving monthly to this need.
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Donations can be mailed to:

Engage Africa
2250 W. Highland Ave.
Elgin, IL 60123

Please enclose a note with your donation designating it to
Caring for Little Ones”.

To make an online donation click the link to the right.

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$30 Monthly Donation

$60 Monthly Donation

One Time Donation

Hope Ministry Center

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Wow! 3 years already!!
Some of you have walked step-by-step with us during these past 3 years. You remember...

Year 1 -our spiritual warfare year when everything was a fight and there were obstacles around every bend. Many of you fought those battles with us on your knees!

Year 2 -our team momentum year when we finally began making connections and building relationships in the Department of Social Development, in local churches with children’s ministry training and outreach, and in Freedom Park. Many of you opened those doors on your knees with us! You remember the beginnings of HOPE Church in Freedom Park and those first relationships that have now grown into an excellent children’s ministry team!
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Others of you have joined the team more recently but no less whole-heartedly. Together, this year we have seen hundreds of children accept Christ as Savior, residents of Freedom Park being discipled through HOPE Church, several churches launching or expanding children’s ministry, and children moving out of Lighthouse Children’s Shelter and into Forever Families.

The NEED is still great!!
Lighthouse Children’s Shelter has provided temporary safe care to many children, 4 of whom have been placed in Forever Families this year! However, there are still orphans and vulnerable children in Rustenburg who need care. There are still families in crisis with few places to turn and no hope. According to our local social workers, we still need more places for children to go -both temporarily for crisis care and long-term.
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What MORE can we do?
We believe that God would have us leave Lighthouse in the capable hands of the local church and build Engage Africa’s Hope Ministry Center, a place of hope for children. With our main focus being to nurture orphaned children, the center would include a baby shelter as well as cluster foster homes. As we pray and dream, here are some other things that could be part of the center:
  • Children’s Ministry Resource Center -like a lending library for curriculum and props with space and facility for local kids ministry leaders to prepare lessons and exchange ideas
  • Unwed Mothers’ Shelter -place of safety for moms and babes with childcare, parenting classes, and skills development for future jobs
  • After school drop-in center providing homework help and a meal for “latchkey” kids
  • Dorms and kitchen so that US teams can stay on grounds rather than using a B&B
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WHERE can we go from here?
We have begun the process of locating a piece of property that can support the immediate and future needs of the Hope Ministry Center. Here are some of the criteria we are considering in our search:
    • Large enough to provide room to build immediately and room to grow in the future
    • Space and zoning for possible rental units, businesses, wild game, or other income- generating ventures that could be separate from the kids and help supplement donations and move the property toward self-sustainability (freeing donation money to be used entirely toward projects, outreaches, and discipleship).
    • Close enough to the city for easy-access to hospitals, social workers, and schools -and still in reasonable driving distance from Freedom Park
    • Far enough outside the city to be reasonably affordable and peaceful
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The Dollars and Sense
This is a huge financial undertaking. In our research, we have seen land of all sizes, infrastructure and cost. We have seen many pieces of property that would meet the needs of the ministry, but we are unable to have any serious conversations because the funds are not in hand for a purchase. It is difficult to estimate the total cost of the project, but in assessing cost of land and cost to build, we believe that a good starting goal would be $300,000. The Board of Engage Africa has determined that we will only move forward as we are financially able to do so without incurring a large debt load that would put strain on the monthly budget.
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We know that many of you are already feeling the strain of the uncertain financial situation in the USA, but we also know that we serve a God who supplies for the needs of His children and blesses the generous giver. We are asking that you prayerfully consider making a one-time donation or monthly pledge towards this Hope Center project. Throughout the past 3 years we have seen God provide in amazing ways for the ministry of Engage Africa, and we are looking forward to seeing God work through all of us to make this project happen.
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Thank you for taking the time to read this letter. Thank you, in advance, for taking time to pray about how Jehovah Jireh, the Provider, may want to use you and your family in this situation. Whether or not you are able to invest financially, we value your partnership and covet your prayers. Together, we are making an impact in South Africa as we engage children in life to the full!

In His Grip,
Jeff & Abby Hunt

To make an online donation click the link below.

Donations can be mailed to:

Engage Africa
2250 W. Highland Ave.
Elgin, IL 60123

Please enclose a note with your donation designating it to
"Hope Ministry Center".