Let's Build a Home
Update 2020 and Vision 2021

Psalm 2:8 “Only ask, and I will give you the nations as your inheritance, the whole earth as your possession.” NLT

South Africa statistical experts estimate that there are about 4 million orphans in South Africa, half of whom have been orphaned as a direct result of the AIDS pandemic. Each year in South Africa, approximately 3,500 babies are found abandoned, only 20% of those are found in time to save their lives. Many years ago, we felt God challenge us to ask Him for a nation of orphans and abandoned children.

In 2016, Engage Africa made the first payment on 21 acres of land. This was a giant step toward fulfilling a call to care for orphans. By the grace of God and the help of friends and partners, the final payment was made just 1.5 years later. Then came paperwork, re-zoning, and fundraising.

2020 has been the year for security and access. As you look at the property today, you will see the result of a year of very hard work: a new access road and 1.5km (3/4mile) of security fencing. We now have a safe space for children!!

However, if you look deeper, with more than your eyes, you will see what we see. You will see the image of a strong, welcoming, safe home. You will see children smiling and playing. You will see mothers caring, worrying, correcting, cheering, soothing, and being the hands and heart of Jesus to these little ones. You will hear the sound of music and giggling. You will smell nourishing food and sense the presence of Jesus. This is what we “see” when we look at this space.

Will you help?
Will you help us build a home? Will you help us set the stage for bringing the little ones to Jesus?