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Property Purchase

Double Thanks!

The totals are in, and the news is good! The total for the DYR fundraiser is $11,429. Praise the Lord!
We want to thank all those who donated so selflessly during the DYR event in April. We are humbled by your generosity and delighted to partner with you in this ministry as we continue to move forward.
We also want to say thank you to the “Friends of EA” who invested the funds to be matched. This event would have been impossible without you!
This fundraiser has brought the total raised toward the $107,000 goal to $68,429!
Please continue to pray with us for the remaining $38,571. We are praying that the final payment on the balance will be made in September so that the Hope Ministry Center property can be completely paid within one year of purchase. We know our God of provision can accomplish this! As soon as the balance is paid, we can begin building the infrastructure that will make a shelter, community center, church, and foster homes possible!

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