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More Information on Freedom Park

Freedom Park is an informal housing settlement situated near the town of Rustenburg in North West Province, South Africa. It was established in the 1980s when poor people from other parts of South Africa were attracted by the possibility of employment at the nearby Impala Platinum mine. Today the settlement has a population of approximately 50,000 people. There is little public infrastructure at Freedom Park and residents lack adequate access to sanitation, electricity, and potable water.

In the mid 2000's formal settlements were formed in hopes of giving people on the informal (shack) side adequate housing. The South African Goverment's RDP (Reconstruction and Development Program) has given many from the informal settlement an opportunity to have a proper home with water and electricity. This development has given many families homes but the shack community has not decreased at all. As families move from the shank side new families move into their vacated shacks.

The Catholic Church has started a health clinic in this community to help with the health needs here. The Tapologo Clinic deals with HIV/Aides, TB as well a general health care. It is because of this organization that many in this community are living healthy lives.

Here is a link to more information on Freedom Park and Tapologo the HIV/Aides Clinic located in Freedom Park.